Skipping Through The Psalms pt. 1 (CD)

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Follow Rev. Timothy Flemming, Sr. as he journeys through the Book of Psalms. Each of these sermons is packed with great insight into the heart of a worshipper and reveals to us how to make it through the storms in our lives. In volume one, the sermons are: (Shipping & Handling is $8.00)

  • The Blessed Man (Psalm 1)
  • The King Is Coming (Psalm 2)
  • I Pity The Fool (Psalm 14)
  • Calvary in the Psalms (Psalm 22)
  • The 23rd Psalm (Psalm 23)
  • He's got the whole world in His hands (Psalm 24)
  • Unconditional Serenity (Psalm 27)
  • The Majestic Voice of God (Psalm 29)
  • Trouble Don't Always Last (Psalm 30)
  • Praising God Anyhow (Psalm 34)

Available on CD and DVD.

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