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Campbellton Rd. Campus

2755 Campbelton Rd., Atlanta, GA. 30311

Tel: 404-344-0343

Fax: 404-344-9336

Service Times 

Sunday Worship: 9 am 

Wednesday Bible Study: 7:30 pm

Saturday Church School: 10 am


Summerhill Campus

768 Martin St. Atlanta, GA. 30315

Service Times

Sunday Worship: 9 am

Did Jesus claim to be God?

Jesus did claim to be God in the Bible. For example, in John 14:9 Jesus said that He and the Heavenly Father are one. Also, in John 5:17-18 Jesus claimed to be equal with the Heavenly Father. Jesus was criticized by the Pharisees (religious leaders) for claiming to possess the right to forgive people's sins, which the Scriptures said ONLY GOD can do in Isaiah 43:25. Yes. Jesus claimed to be God...and other Bible verses repeatedly state that He is God, the second member of the Trinity.